We definitely started out the new school year with a bang by serving 22 kids on our first Sunday in September! It is so exciting to see God answering prayers and filling our classrooms with laughter, energy and young hearts excited to learn about Jesus!  Four years ago, it was hit or miss if we'd have any kids on any given Sunday, and now we're filling 3 classrooms!! God is so good!! 

The vision of Barefoot Kids is to teach kids to Love God, Live it out & Serve others.  Some of you may have noticed new, friendly faces at each of the doors for the 11am service on Sept. 29th!  Some of our Barefoot Kids put this vision into action by volunteering as greeters for the 11am service! They opened doors, greeted people with a smile and made sure everyone had a bulletin, or possibly 2. It was awesome to see them experience serving, instead of just hearing about it in children's church.  They also joined the "big church" to participate in praise & worship before dismissing back to the classroom for their lesson.  I was so proud of our kids that day, and it brought so much joy to my heart to hear their little voices singing out praises to God!

Do you know what else brings joy to my heart, as well as most of the kids in our community? Candy!! And lucky for us, HarvestFest is just around the corner!  HarvestFest is a great opportunity for us to put our vision to Love. Live. Serve. into  action as we serve the people in our community.  We open our doors and offer a fun, warm, safe place to spend Halloween, with free hot dogs, crazy games and TONS of candy!!  And we cannot put this event on without your help!  There are several ways for you to help serve...

Photo Oct 31, 6 29 58 AM.jpg
  • Set-up & decorate
  • Promotion
  • Games
  • Kitchen staff
  • Welcome table / Greeters
  • Candy runner
  • Nursery
  • Clean-up

If you are interested in helping, please write "HarvestFest" along with your name on a connection card and we will be in contact with you!  We will also be collecting candy donations through-out the month of October, with bins at each of the main entrances! 

Please keep this event in your prayers: for the planning and preparation, the resources and volunteers, and for the hearts of the families that will walk through our doors! 

- Stacie Cummings