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Summer is here and I think we are all ready for some sign that the weather got the memo.  I don’t know how your schedule works, but when the seasons change, my schedule changes right along with it.  While evenings are normally filled with Young Life, youth group, meetings, fundraisers and a bunch of other odds and ends, summer mixes that up with a nice break.  We have incredible adults that give of so much of their time to serve students for the better part of the year.  Those leaders get a break when summer rolls around.  Summer is a great time to recharge for our team.

Two years ago I sat down with a friend and discussed a dream to gather a bunch of people at FBC and go hiking a few times before the weather turned sour.  I had a lot of things on my plate that summer, but nevertheless, I was optimistic to get out as soon as possible and start racking up the miles.  Other than one hike that year with the youth group, my dream never amounted to anything that year or the next.  But I’m happy to share that with some help and encouragement, myself and five other guys hiked up Klahhane ridge.  I have to share what a blessing it was to get to know these guys more.  I have found that Sunday mornings fly by and my chances to enter into meaningful conversation rarely happen at that time.  Look around your seat this Sunday, and you will be seeing some new faces.  God has been moving in incredible ways at FBC and people are joining with us in worship and mission for Jesus.  I know going hiking may not look as formal as a worship service, or have as many cookies as our fellowship time between services, but when we share life together through fun, we get a genuine chance to build relationships.  I have to say, when you encounter a family of mountain goats and look to see five grown men scampering off trail up the hill to get away from them, you get to know each other a bit more. 

As seasons change and we see our schedules shift a little bit or our routines get shook up, consider how your can share life with your church family.  Have you grabbed a cup of coffee with someone new lately?  Has your BBQ been fired up for some hamburgers to be shared with the new family in the pew behind you?  Have you been a part of a small group this year? Our church family is growing -- Family Camp had its largest attendance in decades, our kids’ classrooms are getting larger each year.  Let’s take a moment to give all the glory to Jesus and then leave ourselves open to how he wants us to help grow the family, not just in numbers, but in relationship and discipleship.  

Now, let’s go hike some more!


Chris Cummings 

Director of Christian Education/Discipleship

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