What is a Quiet Bag?

 Being able to worship as a family is a special time, but sitting still can be difficult for many kids.  Quiet bags are great for supplementing the worship service in those times that are difficult to sit still.  We designed quiet bags to have a few things for kids to work on during weekly worship services.  After you're done, feel free to take the bag home or leave it to be refilled for next week.


What's in a Quiet Bag?

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Children's Bulletins
  • Crayons

Have suggestions on what might go well in a quiet bag?  Leave a comment below or shoot us an email.

Raising kids is a wonderful privilege as well as an incredible challenge.

Barefoot Kids ministry is excited to work with parents, equipping them with the tools they need to help them raise their children knowing Jesus.  Next month we will have some new tools on our website for families to use around the dinner table that will work alongside what they learn in Children's Church.