Did you vote?  I sure did.  And from multiple computers at that.  I voted from my smart phone, and my laptop, and even from the church computer.  But perhaps you don’t get on Facebook, or read the Peninsula Daily News, or listen to the radio, or read billboards as you drive through town – so it is possible that you’re unaware of the subject of the vote.

Recently, Port Angeles fought their way into a competition for the title of “Best Town In America” by Outside Magazine.  We fought our way in because initially we were not chosen to participate.  Rather, we had to win a “wild-card” round to be included and so, from the get go we were the underdog.  And the further we progressed, the greater the excitement for our town.  Finally, the big competition… Port Angeles vs. Chattanooga for the championship title of “Best Town Ever.”  A small town vs. a small city whose winner is determined by popular vote.

By the end of our competition we had everyone from our state governor to Seahawks players asking people to vote.  How awesome is that!

In spite of the fact that we garnered nearly as many votes for our town as reside in the whole of Clallam County, we fell just short of the title mark.  And yet, look at what we accomplished, and who we reached, by way of a wonderful blend of enthusiasm and unity.  In our collective exuberance we rallied together and got the word out about this wonderful place we call home.  And we succeeded in sharing the good news about the beauty of Port Angeles with our whole nation.  As I saw one person state, “we are the little town that could”.

Now, I know there must be some parallel to draw between a people who, with enthusiasm and unity, were able to share the good news about our town, and what we as the people of the First Baptist Church are called to do.  I wonder, what might that parallel be?

Blessings, Pastor Tim