Crossing the Jordan

Joshua 3:1--4:18

BIG IDEA:  No matter where we go, God is with us and will help us.


  • Why were God's people afraid? (They didn't know how they were going to cross the fast river.)
  • What did Joshua tell the priests to do? (They carried the Ark of the Covenant and stood in the river.  They led all the people to the river.)
  • What did God do to help His people? (He stopped the river from flowing.  It stood up like a wall, so they could walk across on dry land.)
  • What was the purpose of stacking the 12 stones on the other side of the river? (It was to remind them of how God showed his power and helped them cross the Jordan river.)

ACTION PLAN:  Talk about times that you may need help and what you can do about it.

PRAYER:  Thank God for helping you, even when you are afraid.


"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:6


Abigail's Wise Move

1 Samuel 25

BIG IDEA:  It is wise to stop and ask for God's wisdom when I feel angry.


  • Who was Nabal? (He was a rich man. David and his men helped to protect Nabal's shepherds and sheep, while they were out in the hills.)
  • What was Nabal's response when David's servants asked for food and water? (Acted like he didn't know who David was. Didn't share any of his food or water.)
  • What did Abigail, Nabal's wife, do when she heard what her husband had done? (She knew upsetting David wasn't a good idea! She prepared a lot of food and drink (including bread, meat, raisins & fig cakes, etc.) and took it to David and his men.)
  • What was David's response? (He thanked God for her wise choice before anyone got hurt. He promised not to kill Nabal or anyone from his household.)
  • What are some ways to calm down when you feel angry? (Examples: Ask God to help you calm down, and figure out why you are angry. Find a quiet place. Go for a walk. Snuggle a pet or stuffed animal.)

CONNECTING TO JESUS:  Sometimes we get angry.  Jesus got angry, too -- like when He saw people treating others unfairly, or not showing love to one another.  Jesus told them they were wrong, but He still LOVED them and never hurt them.  It can be difficult to show others love when they make us angry, but Jesus understands how we feel, and He can help us to still treat others with love and respect during those situations.  He can also help us to forgive, just as He forgives us! 

ACTION PLAN:  Plan what to do the next time you feel angry, and choose to obey God's Word.


"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord."  Psalm 150:6