Many years ago I formulated my mission statement which would guide me in all my sacred musical activities. To this day, my guiding goals remain the same:

The purpose of this director’s music ministry is to:

“Inspire the Faithful and Engage the Community through Sacred Music.”

 All choral and instrumental activities seek to:

“Glorify God and Generate Growth which will Sustain the Church.”

 This fall the vocal choir and hand bell choirs will be presenting favorites from the past. From the Sanctuary Choir get ready to hear songs such as “My Lord,” Jesus Teach Me” and “We Come to Say, Thank You.” In December we plan to feature one anthem each week leading up to Christmas. These anthems will be songs directly from the many Christmas Cantatas we have presented over the last several years.

The Hand Bell Choirs will do likewise. So if you have a favorite hand bell hymn you would like to hear again, please let the director know. We’d be happy to play your favorite if at all possible.

For all of you who have enjoyed the many musical presentations of the past, maybe you would like to participate sometime in one of our singing or bell-playing groups. If you would, please speak to the director and make your wishes known. We’d be happy to include you even if it’s for only one month out of the year. Come discover that:

Sacred music can invigorate our senses, console our spirits,
Inspire our hearts and strengthen our walk with Christ.      

 “Sing”cerely, -Betty-