From Reverend Timothy Hughes, Senior Pastor

A new school year will bring new changes for Children’s Ministry at First Baptist.  Kim Ciaciuch who has led our ministry well decided she needed to step away.  Thank-you Kim for all you did for our kids and volunteers!  Your faithfulness and giftedness are so appreciated.

In her absence Teresa Hanson has stepped in to fill the gap in an interim roll.  Teresa has been great and is going to continue to fill in for us through the summer months.  Teresa, thank-you for your faithful service!  Your gifts and service are also greatly appreciated.

Starting in September we get to welcome “The Karens” to the lead spot for our Children’s Ministry.  Karenjean Crawford and Karen Gentzler have agreed to step up to the plate to help us teach the kids of First Baptist about the love of Jesus and what it means to follow him.  We are certain to be blessed by this power-house duo!  In fact, “The Karens” are already meeting to discuss plans and curriculum for next year.  

How blessed our church is to have such wonderful leaders eager to raise up our young disciples in the knowledge and adoration of Jesus.  Please do join me in giving a hearty thank you to Kim & Teresa as well as a warm welcome to Karenjean and Karen.

Blessings all, 

Pastor Tim