"So I turned to God"

Hello, My name it Patricia Hammers and I have lived in Port Angeles for almost 11 years. I’m a transportation specialist for the disabled. I transport mostly Veterans and/or disabled seniors to Seattle for non-emergency medical appointments. My husband moved me up here form Indio, California for a job at Peninsula Daily News. While I always considered myself a Christian, I didn’t attend churchregularly. Four years ago I started reading the bible daily and watching Joyce Meyers Ministries. In July 2017 my husband asked for a divorce. I was devastated didn’t know what to do, so I turned to God. He said find a church family and that’s when I found FBC. I was welcomed with open arms. It felt like home so I started attending weekly. When we had small groups in the fall of 2017 I joined hoping to get to know people. I was so blessed with the group I had. Thank you Jesus and small group for getting me through a difficult part of my life. I would also like to thank Pastor Tim and the elders for allowing me to be part of First Baptist Church.