2014 Sermons 

Isn't Pluralism Best? - Sunday November 2nd (Tim Hughes)

Is The Bible Just a Myth? - Sunday October 26th (Tim Hughes)

Rising to the Challenge - Sunday October 19th (Mylinda Baits)

A Delightful Desire - Sunday October 12th (Chuck Brown)

Dandelion Offerings - Sunday October 5th (Tim Hughes)

Summer Snowman - Sunday September 28th (Tim Hughes)

Becoming Scrooge - Sunday September 21st (Tim Hughes)

Testimony Amid Trials - Sunday September 14th (Tim Hughes)

Belts and Broken Hearts - Sunday September 7th (Tim Hughes)

Death Awaits - Sunday August 31st (Tim Hughes)

What's that mean? - Sunday August 24th (Michael Hughes)

<untitled> - Sunday August 10th (Chuck Brown)

Rejection Notice – Sunday August 3rd (Dave Moffit)

Where the War Is - Sunday July 27th (Tim Hughes)

Breathing Fire - Sunday July 20th (Tim Hughes)

Bald is Beautiful - Sunday July 13th (Tim Hughes)

The Unknown God - Sunday July 6th (Tim Hughes)

Prominence - Sunday June 29th (Tim Hughes)

It's a Small World After All - Sunday June 22nd (Tim Hughes)

Out of the Darkness - Sunday June 15th (Tim Hughes)

Casting Vision - Sunday June 8th (Tim Hughes)

Psalm 63 - Sunday June 1st (Neil Smith)

Taking Sides - Sunday May 11th (Tim Hughes)

Unique, But Universal - Sunday May 4th (Tim Hughes)

The Fast & The Furious - Sunday April 27th (Tim Hughes)

Resurrection and Life - Sunday April 20th (Tim Hughes)

Life isn't ________ - Sunday April 13th (Tim Hughes)

Growing Harvest - Sunday April 6th (Tim Hughes)

Getting Ready to Move - Sunday March 23rd (Chris Cummings)

All Nations - Sunday March 23rd (Tim Hughes)

Tabitha - Sunday March 16th (Tim Hughes)

Discovering Purpose - Sunday March 9th (Tim Hughes)

Trial and Error - Sunday March 2nd (Tim Hughes)

Dynasty - Sunday February 23rd (Tim Hughes)

As Death Gives Way - Sunday February 16th (Tim Hughes)

Gettin' Schooled - Part 2 - Sunday February 9th (Tim Hughes)

Gettin' Schooled - Part 1 - Sunday February 2nd (Tim Hughes)

Prochorus Who - Sunday January 26th (Pastor Tim Hughes)

A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart - Sunday January 19th (MLK Jr delivered by Tim Hughes)

Fine Wine & Dixie Cups - Sunday January 12th (Rhys Crawford)

The Cost Of Holiness - Sunday January 5th (Tim Hughes)