Membership is a very important aspect of life at First Baptist Church.  All members of our church must be baptized believers in Jesus Christ.  Membership is inferred in one of three ways.

  1. By way of Baptism at First Baptist.
  2. By way of transfer from their prior church.
  3. By way “experience” when transfer of membership isn’t possible.

Final approval of membership into the church is set by a recommendation of the pastor and vote of the elder board.

Membership within the church is primarily so the people of the church might join together in worship and honor of God as we share the Good News of Christ with the world.  To this end, as specified in our bylaws, membership is maintained in the church by: 

  1. Active participation in worship and training within the church so as to grow in faith. 
  2. Faithful service with time and energy in the ministries and outreach activities of the church
  3. Support of the mission, vision and pastoral leadership of the church.
  4. The generous support of the financial costs of achieving the mission of the church; typically achieved by giving a percentage of income.

Of course, those not physically able to attend are still given consideration for membership.