I’ve always generally accepted that God is good and has wonderful plans to bless us, but it’s still awesome and delightful to see it play out as our lives unfold.  My journey as the Praise Team Director continually proves to be equally as wonderful!

The Praise Team has been making good use of the new television monitor at the back of the sanctuary that we use for viewing lyrics and chords.  It’s a learning curve to pull our eyes from the music up to the screen, but we’re hoping to soon be able to remove stands from the stage, when we’re a little more comfortable with it!

  July 28, 2013: Sarah Kauffman, Sarah Almond, Joey Kauffman and James Kauffman. 

 July 28, 2013: Sarah Kauffman, Sarah Almond, Joey Kauffman and James Kauffman. 

We have also recently purchased two in-ear sound monitor systems that allow the individual musicians to set exactly what instruments and vocals they need to hear in their headphones (currently being used by our drummer and keyboardist).  These two additions have been such a wonderful blessing, and we are so thankful for all the help that we received from the outreach committee as well as individual members within our church family to raise the funds for these tools!

Our next goal is to raise the funds to purchase three more in-ear systems (one for guitar, one for bass guitar, and one for the vocalists) and “floor boxes” to install on the stage where each musician plays to limit coils of cords and wires running across the stage.

In order to start raising these funds, the praise team is partnering with the Outreach Committee to put on a BBQ before our August Praise night, on the 11th, which is being held outside again this year.  Our hope is that it will also provide an opportunity for people from the first and second services to gather together and get to know each other better. Additionally, it should be a less-intimidating event for us to invite new people to visit our church!  What an exciting time of growth for our congregation!

Thank you all so much for the love, encouragement, and support you continue to show me and the members of the praise team!  It is such a blessing to share in worship with you!

Love in Christ,

Lynn Crawford

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