“My Lord’s gonna come in the mornin’

My Lord’s gonna stay through the night,

My Lord’s gonna watch over me,

and everything’s gonna be all right.”

Thank you congregation for continuing to send in your HYMN REQUESTS. They are a welcome addition to our 9:30 a.m. worship services. Were you present on the Sunday we all sang your favorite? Keep ‘em coming!

Haven’t we had a wonderful variety of special music this summer? And, it’s not over yet. Our Summer Singers started it off by singing,“Jesus, Teach Me.” What a moving song with a powerful message shining through it’s simplicity! That was followed by a beautiful flute/guitar duet presented by Sierra & Warren Horsley. What a blessing they bring to us each time they present a number.

To honor our Independence Day in July we sang a hymn request, “God Bless Our Native Land.” It reminded us of how fortunate we are to live in a land of freedom guaranteed by a constitution which was masterfully conceived by brilliant minds more than two centuries ago and bravely defended by loyal Americans ever since. Thanks be to God for His watchful eye over our native land.

Also in July the Summer Singers sang, “Carry the Light” which reminds us to carry a lamp as we walk through the world for we need the light to show us the way. And the evil that would harm us as we walk through the darkness will leave us alone if we carry the light. May God give us oil in our lamps and keep us burning till the judgment day!

The special music in July ended with a marvelous violin duo playing, “ ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”  What a treasure it is to be blessed by the dedicated talents of Genna Birch and Beth Johnson.

August gave us Silas Johnson presenting a piano solo, “Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord” with musical sensitivity and a Christian heart which was revealed through his music. August also gave us a guitar duet by the gifted talents of Joe Pohl and Jim Wahlsten singing their own composition, “Jesus Is All We Need.”   

Our sincere thanks goes out to each one of you who continually contributes musically to our services. We can’t wait until the next time you favor us with your musical messages. We cherish you all! Thank you!

Coming in September we will have an enlarged choir singing, “My Lord.” It will be larger than normal because we are inviting children and grandchildren of our current choir members to sing with us AND former choir members as well. Look forward to this musical treat on 9/8 which is Grandparents Day. This special choir will be followed by our Baptist Belles ‘n Beaus Hand Bell Choir on September 29th.

As usual, we invite those who may be interested in joining any of our musical groups at First Baptist or a desire to present special music at times throughout the year to contact the music director, Betty Hanson, anytime. We welcome all who would like to be part of our dedicated church musicians who serve the Lord through music.