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Summer is here, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Barefoot Students and Port Angeles Young Life are heading to camp this month for the best week of their life.  Thats a pretty bold statement, but let me show you what these kids will get to do.  

We have a chance to reflect Christ in everything we do

First of all, we are heading toward the sun, in central Oregon.  We expect hot weather, so we're packing the sunscreen.  Each student will get a chance to Zipline, Blob their friends (yeah, thats a real thing, check it out), jump off the high dive, climb the high ropes course, drive go-carts, hit the skate park, play on one of the many basketball courts, climb the rock wall and experience many other awesome activities.  Woven into the entire camp experience (even in the blobbing), is the message of a Savior that loves them unconditionally.  From the way we serve meals, to the time allowed to connect with kids, to the incredible program during the week, everything is done with a purpose of sharing Jesus.  Camp is hard to explain apart from experiencing it yourself.  We have a chance within this one week camp to have everything we do reflect Christ and present the Gospel clearly to each kid through exciting messages each and every night.  The whole week is prayerfully planned to set our leaders up to walk with these kids through the best week of their life, while they come to an understanding of Jesus’s saving grace.  That is a wonderful chance we get.

We want to make sure every kid can go to camp

We leave for Washington Family Ranch early (seriously early) on Saturday the 28th and will return on Friday, the 4th of July.  One way we make camp this amazing reflection of grace is through those who generously give toward a kid's camp.  We have kids sign-up for camp who would never be able to afford a week like this but still deserve this chance to experience a week that could change their life.  We want to make sure that every kid who fills out the camp paperwork can go, regardless of their financial situation.  The way we plan to accomplish this goal is through the “Fill an Envelope” campaign.  We have 120 envelopes, each representing a dollar amount, ranging from $1 to $120.  We invite you to chose one (or more!) of these envelopes and fill it with the listed amount. When we fill them all, we will be able to fund our own kids' camp experience, as well as support other students in our area.  Each envelope gets our kids closer to camp.

Thank you for your amazing support of Student Ministry this year; we couldn’t be more thrilled with the chance that we get to show Jesus to students.


God Bless,

Chris Cummings


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This article originally appeared in the June 2014 edition of the FBC newsletter. Click here to view the rest of this newsletter.