Our new Logo

Our previous Logo, 2012-early 2015

Our previous Logo, 2012-early 2015

This logo is more than an update to the look of our name, as it represents fundamental values of our church.  We have the opportunity to communicate our mission and values many different ways.  Joining the visual appearance of our name with our identity is a helpful tool in our communication of the Gospel.

What’s with the shape?

  • Bold, bright and simple.  It’s design can be used easily on multiple mediums.
  • Using a triangle signifies the Trinity.
  • The 3 elements & colors represent our communities landscape, ranging from the water to the mountains.


Using a full color logo brings a level of brightness and fun, but being able to maintain a one color logo is important as well.  This expands our uses for the logo which, in turn, will bring a graphical continuity throughout our church.

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