Starting the week of July 5th, 3 groups will begin meeting in homes throughout the summer to grow closer together and grow closer to God.  It’s a wonderful time to look forward to, but as you look at your summer plans and consider gathering in one of these groups there are 5 things to keep in mind.

Break out of your comfort zone

Any time we are given the chance to make a decision, many times if given the choice we go with what we are comfortable with (what we know), like where you sit in church, if given the choice, it’s probably the same spot as last week.

  • Your comfort zone may be what’s kept you from joining a group
  • Your comfort zone may lead you to only be in a group that has your circle of friends in it.
  • Your comfort zone may keep you from joining a group that is a little inconvenient.  Too far away or not a great time of day.

I’ve found that more times than not, when I serve my comforts over everything else, I find myself drifting from God’s purpose.

Invite a friend

Sharing our faith is biblical and from what I have read, not optional.  Knowing how to share our faith is where we can freeze up and struggle.  Inviting people into our lives should be a natural way to share our faith.  Be thinking this summer about who God has placed in your life to invite to join a small group with you.  Some people are just waiting to be asked.

Make your group a priority

There’s this small saying that I hear all the time that I always remember when I'm buying stuff- “you get what you pay for.”  The blessing that comes through a group getting together doesn’t come by just SAYING you’re in the group, it comes from sharing life together and BEING at group.  So when you are looking at your summer, make your time in group with each other a priority in your schedule.

Pray for your leader & host house

Sometimes we can be very critical of our leaders.  I want to urge you to pray for your host house and small group leaders and their families.  They are cleaning house, studying, preparing and praying not because they know who is going to be in their group and like those people enough to work hard for them, but because they want to honor God, serve His church and see others grow through small groups.

Be a joy to lead

Some of my favorite people are those that have taught me what it means to be a joy to lead.  They show up a few minutes early ready to help in any way they can, they stay back to help clean up, and they contribute to the group in any way they can.  Be ready to step up and accept responsibility within your group and make your leader's life a little easier.

As the first week of small groups start, be encouraged that God takes joy in the gathering of His people.  He loves to see us laugh and enjoy each other just as much as He loves to see us grow and study together.  Have a great season of groups.