My wife Stacie and I shared some pretty significant news this weekend with our church family regarding some changes happening in our life.  One big change is that our family will be getting bigger.  As some of you probably could tell, Stacie is pregnant and this September we will be welcoming our third child into the mix.  We couldn’t be more excited to see our family grow and to get the chance to meet this little blessing.

More questions than answers

The other change coming our way this year is one that is bittersweet.  For the past 9 years, I have volunteered with an amazing organization called Young Life.  My family has been incredibly blessed and moved by the ministry of Young Life and what an amazing tool it is to reach High School students with the Gospel.  This has led us to lean into our role with Young Life and create space for God to use us in a more significant role here in Port Angeles.  In pursuit of a full time position with Young Life, Stacie and I will be stepping out of our roles at First Baptist Church this year.  There still seems to be more questions than answers at this point, but regardless of how much we have figured out, we feel strongly that God has led us to this point and that it was our place to take this step of faith in following His lead.  As we went through the discernment process it became more clear that God was opening doors and that we wouldn’t have all of our questions answered before we took this step.  As we have shared the news, the response has been nothing but encouraging.  Our family, friends and church family have all responded with love and excitement for this next step.


Stepping out of our roles at First Baptist is going to be hard, we have been pouring our lives into our church for the past 8 years and it has been awesome.  My kids have grown up seeing ministry first hand (lots of good, and some not-so-good), and we have found great joy in doing many things as a family.  We look forward to continuing this type of family ministry with Young Life.  The timeline for all this is still coming together, we know that we will be finishing out the school year without much change, and we plan to have a more answers within the coming months.

This year is a big one for the Cummings family and we look forward to sharing more with you as we go down this road.  We covet your prayers as we take this step of faith and would love to sit down and share more of what this entails with any of you.  A big change for us will be raising financial support, normally I wouldn’t be excited for this step, but both Stacie and I have felt so strongly the leading of the Lord through this process that even that mountain to climb doesn’t seem like too much.

I would love to answer questions and sit down and drink good coffee anytime.


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