Dear folks who occasionally work in the church kitchens,

We hope that lots of folks who sometimes work in our church kitchens will have/get/renew a Food Handlers card. This is a requirement for anyone who works in a restaurant, and we try to adhere to those standards. 

The Environmental Health Dept. at the county courthouse no longer does regular classes for Food Handler cards because so many folks do the test online. I know that we have a few folks who wouldn’t touch a computer with a ten foot pole, but we want them to have the opportunity.

Jess Pankey, from the health dept., is willing to do a class for us at the church. It would take an hour and a half, maximum, and at that point each person would take and pass the test to get a food handler’s card. The cards are good for 2 years, but if you renew yours before it expires, it is good for 3 years. A bunch of us will need to renew our cards in the next few months.

Therefore, to get to the point, our Food Handler’s class is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23, at 10 am in the church parlor. If you know of anyone else who might like to get a card, please let them know. 

Please RSVP to me so we know how many are coming. We need to have 12 people for the county to do the class for us.

Thank you so much!  Robin

Church Family Needs

• Now is the time to be making crafts for this fall’s bazaar. We accept any well-made craft gratefully: sewn, crocheted, wood-crafted, ideas from Pinterest, soap, knitted, metal-worked, etc. Ask Robin if you have questions. We’ll be happy to store items when they’re finished. 

• Needed: quart mason jars (regular or wide mouth), because we’ll be making homemade pie filling to sell along with ready-made pies by Grace K. 

• Still needed: any fruit you grow that you are willing to donate, disposable pie tins, baby food jars