Hello all,

Within Children’s Ministry we have moved the kiosk from a parent check-in to Serve Team check-in at the end of the hallway.  This provides for greater safety and accountability for the children under our care.  In addition to our check-in/check-out process at the kiosk, for those who have children in the nursery, we are asking that before picking them up that the parent or guardian come to the kiosk to check them out.  We will then add stickers to the parent labels which indicate they have been checked out.  These can then be shown to the Children’s Ministry volunteers in the nursery.  By doing so, this not only allows for safety protocol to be implemented but also allows a thorough accounting of the children in our care.  If this is new to you, please know we desire to ensure the safety of your children.  Thank you for helping us to achieve excellence in this ministry.

A reminder: Please make sure you bring your parent labels back to the kiosk to allow swift check-out.

Our kids were so happy to be involved in the Christmas Eve service, wearing nativity costumes and singing “Away In The Manger.”  Overall, this event went very well.  Several adult volunteers stepped up to manage the masses.  Additionally, in the costuming process our 10-13 year old group, which has been led by Karenjean Crawford and David Hull was very active; helping the smaller kids get dressed.  This enabled the quick transition.  It was such a blessing to witness their servant hearts as they sought to be a part of, and to provide support for, the Barefoot Kids Ministry.  For the help of all, I was, and am very thankful.

Being within the Winter term of our studies the children are learning about Jesus.  YAY!  It is always such a blessing to see the children’s minds spark questions, seeking to understand God’s word.  One of the blessings of the children’s curriculum of Heart Shapers is the interaction within the classes.  There is curriculum now in place at the Nursery (0-2), Pre-K (3-5) and Elementary (6-9) year old levels. 

As always, within children’s ministry, those who volunteer have a great desire to change hearts for Christ…one lesson at a time.  Thank you for your support of this ministry.

In Christ,

Teresa D. Hanson (Children’s Ministry Leader Sub.)