Grandparents Day Choir was such a Treat!!

We hope all of you were present on Grandparents Day, Sept. 8th, to hear our special choir singing, “My Lord.” The enthusiasm with which they delivered their song was contagious, and it was a thrill to see and hear three generations of family members all happily singing together their praises to God. Everyone who was in the 9:30 a.m. worship service that morning was truly blessed.

Our plans are to have this special choir come together annually. So, if you have sung with the choir in the past, please make plans now to participate with your child and/or grandchild, along with our current choir members, in next year’s Grandparents Day anthem. It will bless your heart.

How about those Baptist Belles ‘n Beaus? They ring so expertly together to make beautiful hand bell music!

“I Stand Amazed in the Presence of Jesus the Nazarene” was the number they presented on Sept. 29th. We all are thankful that each member has such a deep dedication to their task of learning music that they have knit themselves into an effective hand bell choir. Once again, we were blessed by their musical praise to God and are grateful for their diligence. You truly grace our services with worshipful music and we are thankful.

On the horizon: Autumn Music is Upon Us!

In addition to small groups starting up again in October, so is a variety of musical activities. On National Children’s Day, Oct. 13th, we will hear a special number sung by a child from among our congregational membership, and on Oct. 20th we will hear another lively gospel number sung by our Sanctuary Choir, “The Light of the World.” November will bring us a ladies trio, a contemplative anthem by our choir: “The Lord Is My Shepherd” and a violin duet. All the numbers we present are bathed in prayer and consecrated to the Lord for the purpose of enhancing our time of worship together. Praise God for all these contributing musicians! Be sure to encourage them with your thanks.



P.S. Now would be a good time for all of you who have been considering the possibility of participating in one of our musical groups to come and sit  in on one of our rehearsals. You always will be welcomed. By participating, you just may find that your special contribution to the church is through music and in the process you will be blessed.