It's officially summer (according to the calendar, anyway), which means sunny skies and warmer days are hopefully in our future!  This also means that we will be venturing outside a little more with the kids for free-time!  On those sunny days, feel free to pack hats, sunglasses or sunscreen for the kids. We will also try to supply SPF 50 sunscreen at the sign-in table, for you to apply on those sunny days, when we plan to head outside.  And if your child is sensitive to the sun, or to certain sunscreens, please let the teachers know!   

Also, if your child is currently potty-training, please inform the teachers of your practices, so we can be aware of the signals.  If possible, pack an extra set of clothes, just in case an accident occurs!

Thank you for your cooperation, and we are looking forward to a great summer in Barefoot Kids Ministries!! 

-Stacie Cummings

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