Esther Is Brave

Esther 2:1--9:32

BIG IDEA:  God helps us do good things.


  • What was Queen Esther's problem? (Haman tricked the King into making a law to hurt all the Jews. Esther was a Jew, so she was in danger, too.)
  • What did Esther, her cousin Mordecai and all the Jews do before Esther talked to the King? (They prayed and did not eat anything for 3 days.)
  • People were not allowed to go to the King without being invited.  God helped Esther be brave, and how did the King respond when she came to his door? (He welcomed her in.)
  • When the King found out Haman was trying to hurt Esther and her people, what did he do? (He was angry.  Had Haman taken away.  Made a new law to protect the Jews.)

ACTION PLAN:  Name a good thing you can do for someone this week.

PRAYER:  Thank God for being your helper and ask Him to help you do good things.


"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:6



Solomon's Gift

1 Kings 3

BIG IDEA:  It is wise to ask God for wisdom in every situation.


  • What could Solomon have asked God to give him? (Lots of money. Strength. Long life. Famous.)
  • What did Solomon ask for? (Wisdom.)
  • In those days, Kings were like judges and helped people's problems.  What was one of the problems brought to King Solomon?  (Two ladies were fighting over a baby, claiming it was theirs.)
  • How did Solomon show God's wisdom to find out who the true mother was? (He said they would cut the baby in half, so each mother would have the baby. He knew the true mother would never let harm come her baby, and would give it up.)

CONNECTING TO JESUS:  The book of James says that there is wisdom that comes down from heaven.  It is pure and peace-loving.  It is merciful and humble.  That sounds like Jesus! Jesus lived a pure life so He could make peace for us with God.  He was so humble that He was willing to die on a cross for us.  He showed us mercy, which is more love or kindness than we deserve.  We don't deserve His mercy and wisdom.  But He is so kind that He gives them to us when we ask Him and trust Him!  And that goes for kids and adults!  We don't have to be a certain age for God's wisdom, He will give it to anyone who asks and trusts!

ACTION PLAN:  Identify everyday situations in which we need God's wisdom.


"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord."  Psalm 150:6