Joash Fixes the Temple

2 Kings 12:4-15; 2 Chronicles 24: 1-14

BIG IDEA:  God helps us, and we can help others.


  • Why was King Joash sad? (Because the Temple was dirty and broken down.)
  • What did King Joash want to see happen? (He wanted God's people to love God and to learn to obey Him again. He wanted to see the Temple cleaned up and restored.)
  • What were some ways that people helped to fix the Temple? (Gave money. Cleaned, dusted and swept.  Fixed broken things. Made new bowls and vases.)

ACTION PLAN:  Names ways you can help other people this week.

PRAYER:  Ask God to help you be kind and help others.


"The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid." Hebrews 13:6



No Secrets Unnoticed

2 Samuel 11:1--12:14

BIG IDEA:   It is wise to talk to God when I have done wrong things.


  • King David made some poor choices, what did he do after he had sinned? (Tried covering it up.)
  • God sent the prophet Nathan to talk to David, what was his story about? (A rich man, with many sheep, took the poor man's only lamb to feed his guests.)
  • What was David's response to the story? (David was angry, and said the rich man deserved to die!)
  • After Nathan told him the story was about him, what happened next? (He realized he had sinned and was sorry. Nathan told him God forgave him.)
  • What did David learn about God? (That God knows everything we do. God is merciful and forgiving.)

CONNECTING TO JESUS:  God knows everything we do and say, so there's no need to cover up our sins.  He knows all the good and the bad.  But if we confess and turn away from our sin, God forgives us.  He can also turn sad things in our lives into great things! David had been selfish and done terrible things, but he confessed his sin -- and God forgave him.  The first baby David and Bathsheba had together died.  That was sad.  But they had another son -- Solomon.  God used Solomon to write some of the Bible, and he was also a part of Jesus's human family line!

ACTION PLAN:  Discuss ways to make things right when you have done wrong.


"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord."  Psalm 150:6