This year, you may notice that when you register for Family Camp, or sit through one of our weekly services you will see something about the Camp Fund.  This is one of the biggest changes we have ever brought to our camp registrations.  Last year camp cost $35 per person, but this year with the introduction of the Camp Fund, we are dropping the cost of camp down to $15 per person!

The Camp Fund is vision driven

The Camp Fund is very exciting to announce, it is planned to be fully funded and supported by those that love camps and events and most importantly love people.  Our goal is that this will give us the chance to not just meet budget every time, but to keep camp cheap every time for every family.  The Camp Fund is vision driven.  This isn’t a one-time attempt to fund a single camp, but an on-going chance to give generously to all of our camps.  We couldn’t be more excited for how this will bless families through the love and support from other families and individuals in our church. 

Sign up for the best weekend of the year

What does this mean for you?  This means that you can breathe easy over family camp costs for your family this year.  Sign up and get those spots paid for so you can be on your way to the best weekend of the year.  This also means that you can seek out if God is calling you to give to the camp fund.  Some can give a lot, some can give a little and some won’t be giving any and that’s ok.  All we ask is that you spend time talking and praying about the Camp Fund.

We’re excited to see people blessed this year through the Camp Fund and are looking forward to partnering with you to make it all happen.  

See you at camp!
- Chris Cummings