If you live in Port Angeles and enjoy contemporary Christian music, you likely have your radio dial set to Praise 106.5. This station is one of four Christian radio stations owned by CRISTA Ministries. (You can catch rebroadcasts of Charles Fuller's "Old Fashioned Revival Hour" every Sunday at 3:30pm on their station, AM 630.)

Pastor Dave Curtiss is the Vice President of CRISTA Ministries and he's a great guy.  Many of you will remember Dave from last year's family camp at Camp David Jr. where he was our guest speaker. 

Dave and I met at a church conference held at Overlake Christian center a couple years ago and formed a fast friendship. The friendship was largely forged as I bragged on all that God is doing through each of you here at First Baptist. Dave, first and foremost has a heart for evangelism and he was excited to hear how we are sharing the Gospel with our neighbors. 

In just a couple weeks Chris Cummings will be leading a group of our youth workers to the Overlake Christian Center for this year's conference. Pray for them that it goes well and they learn a lot. 

Because of CRISTA Ministries' heart for the gospel they have committed to striving to connect people to area churches, and this is where things get exciting. Dave and Praise 106.5 have chosen to provide nearly $6,000 in free promotional space to encourage their listeners to attend First Baptist Church on May 3rd

This promotion includes several advertisements in their normal broadcast time in the days leading up to the May 3rd service, as well as having their DJ's personally encourage listeners to come check us out. They will also put our church information on their website, facebook page, and billboards. 

Finally, the radio station will interview me on air the Monday following the May 3rd worship service. 

Please be prayerful that this generous effort by Praise 106.5 is effective at helping the people of our community find their way to First Baptist, and then plan to be here to welcome our guests with a hearty handshake.  


Blessings all,  Pastor Tim


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